Kremlin.. Accusing Russian air force of targeting civilian areas in Syria “false rumors”

Moscow, SANA- Russia said that the allegations of its military operations in Syria led to damage in civilian areas are mere false rumors, emphasizing that the Russian pilots choose targets carefully.

Spokesman for the Russian presidency Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow on Monday that.. over the past few days, Russia monitored many false fabricated news that aimed at harming the military operation which is carried out by Russia’s air force in Syria since 30 September and this is one of these lies.

“When targets are chosen by using the necessary data obtained by the Russian military personnel, they are checked by the Syrian colleagues and colleagues in the information coordination center in Baghdad in the first place to ensure avoiding damage among
civilians” Peskov added.

“The Russian army has repeatedly pointed out that terrorists often hide in residential areas, but Russian Air force doesn’t direct strikes to civilian areas” Kremlin spokesman affirmed.

On September 30th, Russia, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, began directing strikes to terrorists’ positions in several provinces, the matter that led to a wave of escape by terrorists towards Turkey and Jordan and that led parties that support terrorism to accuse Russia of targeting civilians.

Qabas/ Barry

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