Industry minister meets Aleppo’s Sheikh Najjar industrialists, vows repair of damage

Aleppo, SANA-Minister of Industry Kamal-Eddin Touma said the government is interested in providing all the requirements of Aleppo’s Sheikh Najjar Industrial City and repairing infrastructure there for the wheel of production to spin off again.

The minister was speaking to Sheikh Najjar industrialists during a meeting Monday at Aleppo’s Municipal Palace.

The restoration of security and stability to Sheikh Najjar industrial city in Aleppo is a significant achievement that adds to a series of military gains on the ground, the minister affirmed.

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Aleppo’s Shiekh Najjar is a sprawling industrial city and a significant industrial hub spanning an area of 4, 400 hectares. The area was overrun by terrorists who wrought considerable damage to industrial facilities there before the army clawed back control of the industrial city few days ago.

Since day one after recapturing the city, a process of removing the debris and repairing damages and infrastructure kicked into gear, Aleppo governor Mohammad Wahid Aqqad affirmed, citing the establishment of an operations room to jump-start production in the industrial city again.

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The industrialists demanded, during the meeting, that a legal action be taken against the countries backing terrorists in Syria, affirming they are, nonetheless, upbeat about having security and stability restored all over Syria.

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