Panic and confusion spread among terrorists, thousands of them flee Syria

Damascus, SANA- Panic and confusion are currently the dominating qualities that are spreading among members of the terrorist organizations across Syria, from the southern province of Deraa to Homs, Idleb and Aleppo in the north, after the heavy losses inflicted upon them in personnel and munitions by the recent air strikes that targeted their positions and camps.

Civil sources in Idleb and Hama countryside confirmed that chaos and confusion have spread among the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the two provinces following the destruction of a number of their weapons and ammo depots and centers of command during intensive air strikes on Jisr al-Shoghour, Ma’aret al- Nou’man, al-Lattamneh, Kafar Zita, and the eastern countryside of Salmiyeh.

Field sources in the northern countryside of Hama said in statements to SANA’s correspondent that more than 134 terrorists were killed in al-Latamneh after targeting their hideouts and fortifications centers in the town and its surrounding by air strikes, and that these airstrikes forced hundreds of terrorists to consider fleeing Syria via Turkey.

Reports came in from Idleb province were in line with what was announce a few hours earlier by Russian General Staff, which announced that around 600 terrorist left their positions and headed towards Europe after the intensive air strikes on the infrastructure of ISIS in Syria.

The position of terrorists in Daraa wasn’t any better; they too began to flee the Syrian borders. No military source has confirmed or denied information that thousands of terrorists fled the province, but several sources stated that more than 3,000 terrorists from ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, and Jaish al-Yarmouk terrorist organizations fled towards the Jordanian territories out of fear of the escalating military operations against terrorism.

The terrorists’ panicked flight from Daraa comes a few weeks after what they dubbed “The Storm of the South” battle failed miserably in achieving any advances for terrorists on the ground; instead it resulted in the death of some of their most prominent leaders, including Bashar al-Zoubei the leader of Jaish al-yarmouk.

The state of disarray, fear, and flight among terrorist organizations in Daraa, Idleb, Homs and other areas is yet another element that shows the truth about the affiliations of these terrorists, especially the so-called “moderate opposition” for whom Washington established training camps supervised by CIA experts in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, they very same “moderate opposition” that, instead of fighting and eliminating terrorists as the West alleged they would do, joined with the terrorist organizations, taking their heavy and light equipment they got from the West with them.

The fact that terrorists are now escaping is neither surprising nor strange, since in the end they are nothing more than hired mercenaries with no real cause of their own; they are mere pawns that serve the agendas of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Observers are expecting that the coming days will bring with them a lot of reports about the escape of thousands of terrorists outside Syria.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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