Syrian community in Russia reiterates support to army

Moscow, SANA – Syrian community in Russia stressed their support to the Syrian army in the fierce battle against terrorism, highlighting that war will not dissuade them from their adherence to their homeland against all conspirators.

In a symposium held on the occasion of Eid al-Adha in Moscow on Monday, Syria’s Ambassador in Russia Riad Haddad said Russia was among the first countries to realize the plot and its prospects and warned the international community against its potential repercussions.

He added that great number of Russian public and official sides started to send humanitarian aid to Syria to alleviate the sufferings of the Syrian people and ease the effects of the unjust western sanctions on the country.

He pointed to the Russian-Syrian mutual understanding on the importance of unifying efforts against terrorism and simultaneously establishing an international coalition with the aim of preserving the unity and integrity of Syria.

A number of participants stressed the importance of the Russian role in fighting terrorism, underscoring that Moscow realizes that in supporting the Syrian state it is actually protecting the Russian national security as the West could exploit such situation in fueling extremism in the southern part of Russia.

M. Nassr

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