PM calls for boosting national reconciliations to overcome the crisis

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi affirmed Saturday the era of reconstruction requires partnership and cooperation between the Executive and Legislative authorities to take Syria into a new stage of a comprehensive development on all levels.

Al-Halqi, meeting People’s Assembly members of Daraa city, reiterated that the Army’s victories in the face of terrorism and resorting peace and security to the majority of Syrian territories is a basic factor for the Government to develop national economy and promote situation of service sector as well as launching circle of reconstruction.

He pointed out to the need for mobilizing energies of Homeland’s sons, with all their spectrums, to contribute to building Syria and Man.

Prime Minister added that Daraa city will remain the Homeland’s strong fort and its citizens wouldn’t allow any terrorist to be in the city.

He referred to the importance of boosting national reconciliations and their positive role to overcome this stage.

Al-Halqi elaborated on the government’s efforts to improve the economic, agricultural and service situation in Daraa province and boost the locals’ stability in their villages and areas.

The MPs, for their part, underlined the importance that the government continues in its efforts to broaden the scope of the secure and stable areas in Daraa.

As he congratulated Syria’s industrialists, especially those in Aleppo, for establishing full control over Aleppo’s industrial city, al-Halqi invited Syrian industrialists inside Syria and abroad to help set the development process in the city in motion.

Aleppo’s Industrial City covers an area of 4, 400 hectares. It used to provide job opportunities for up to a thousand Syrian families and houses most the of Syria’s national industries.


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