Winners of national World Robot Olympiad honored

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics, the organizer of the national World Robot Olympiad 2015, organized a ceremony on Saturday evening at Uptown complex in Dummar area in Damascus to honor and distribute awards for the winners in the Olympiad finals.

The Olympiad kicked off on Friday with the participation of 75 teams, more than 36 coaches, and 43 judges.

Head of the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics Rakkan Razouq said the main objective of the national Olympiad is to compete in robot programming problems for carrying out different tasks according to the level of each competition and age groups of contestants, which requires mastering the basics of robotics and programming to finish trials and tasks in the shortest time possible.

World Robot Olympiad 2

Razouq said the even teaches perseverance and inspires creative problem-solving as well as teamwork and optimal use of time, in addition to paving the way for participants to compete in global competitions.

The event’s director and local representative of the World Robot Olympiad in Syria Muheeb al-Nuqqari said that the 2015 Olympiad is an achievement in and of itself, as it is the first after Syria gained membership in the World Robot Olympiad association, noting that the 2015 competitions cover all categories which are adopted at international events.

In turn, Higher Education Minister Mohammad Amer Mardini said that this event proves that Syria will persevere and cannot be erased by terrorism or war, while Communications and Technology Minister Mohammad Ghazi al-Jalali that the Syrian youth have proven to be creative and constructive despite the crisis, and likewise State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said the contestants in the Olympiad embody the spirit of Syria with its love for science and creativity.

The World Robot Olympiad is an international non-profit organization formed in 2004 with 50 current members, and youths from member countries compete in local competitions and the best teams are selected to compete on the international level.

Hazem Sabbagh

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