Mikdad: War on terrorism in Syria without coordination with Syrian government is a mere delusion

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad asserted that any real war on terrorism must be conducted in coordination with the state involved in this issue, i.e. the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

In an interview given to BBC, Mikdad said that the war on terrorism in Syria which is being carried out without coordination with Syrian government is a mere delusion, covers up for true failure, and constitutes misdirection of the public.

He stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty and independence of the country involved in such a thing, adding that France and Britain, as permanent members of the Security Council, should be the first to respect the UN charter.

The Deputy Minister asserted that fighting terrorism cannot be done by sides that protect terrorism or done in partnership with such sides, wondering how France, the U.S., and Britain can convince us that they are fighting terrorism alongside states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia which openly declare their support for terrorists and armed groups in Syria.

Mikdad said that Syria evaluated all previous steps taken in this regard as hypocrisy and failed policies, posing the question of why there is coordination with the Iraqi side in the battle against ISIS while no such coordination is carried out with the Syrian government, while world leaders – including the Russian leadership – affirm that the only side qualified to fight terrorism in Syria is the Syrian Arab Army.

On the stern message sent by Syria regarding British and French policies and interference in Syrian affairs, Mikdad stressed that Syrian diplomacy isn’t based on reactions, and that Syria believes that British and French interference in Syrian affairs is motivated by their yearning to the days of colonialism, adding that these states still believe that they rule the world and that the areas where they once had influence are still under their influence.

He explained that in this context, Syria’s observations that prompted the stern messages are essentially based on the continuing support provided by the British government to armed terrorist groups, noting that since the events began in Syria, the British government has never been objective about the events nor did it evaluate them, and its statements remain unchanged since 2011.

The Deputy Minister went on to say that this behavior constitutes direct encouragement for terrorism, as when British officials focus on propaganda against the Syrian government, that will lead to internal mobilization within Britain and outside it that motivates all the terrorists who hate Syria to head to it.

Mikdad held that mobilization carried out by governments supporting terrorist groups responsible for the escalation inside and outside Syria, and makes talk of fighting terrorism a brand of hypocrisy and removed from reality.

On the contention between Russia and the U.S. regarding the idea of Russian troops assisting the government’s forces in Syria, Mikdad said that Syria has full faith in that when Russia supports Syria in counterterrorism, it does so in a manner that respects Syria’s sovereignty, independence, the UN Charter, and Syria’s role in fighting terrorism, adding that the neither the U.S. nor any other state has the right to question Russia’s counterterrorism policies.

He cited the answers given by Russia which state that its support for Syria is within the framework of agreements signed a long time ago, adding that Russia also provides support in terms of encouraging the political process and attempting to convincing other sides of the importance of restoring security and stability.

Mikdad said that the U.S. administration’s attempts to raise doubts and the statements made by John Kerry in this regard have no credibility and aren’t based on any real information, and the truth regarding this issue lies within the statements made by Russia.

Hazem Sabbagh

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