Ibn al-Nafees Hospital… 70 surgeries daily, free treatment to some 4000 sclerosis patients

Damascus, SANA – Since it was founded in 1943, Ibn al-Nafees Hospital in Damascus has been providing free high-quality medical diagnostic and therapeutic services for internal and surgical diseases, which has continued at the same pace under the various challenges and burdens imposed by the current crisis.

The hospital’s integrated medical team is well trained and qualified to receive emergency cases, which have unfortunately been frequent due to the repeated terrorist shelling attacks and bombings, so that they are treated according to their level of emergency.

Ibn al-Nafees 2

The ER is equipped with a radiology center and a laboratory to provide the needed x-rays and analyses quickly.

The radiology department provides services such as CT scan with a cost of SPY 25,000-60,000 and as the laboratory performs 1000 analyses daily.

Some 70 surgeries are conducted daily at the hospital, including major, medium-level and minor operations.

As far as chronic diseases are concerned, the hospital stands out central on the country’s level. It includes a committee for diagnosis and treatment of sclerosis; with some 3700 patients are admitted to its sclerosis center. They are regularly given medicines for free, with each patient costing SYP 3 million annually.

The hospital also provides free-of-charge drugs in doses for rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis patients, with each dose is worth SYP 1 million, in addition to providing services to hepatitis B and C patients, who count 800, each costing SYP 8.800 million.

During the past five years, the hospital has received 52 devices for diagnosing hepatitis, in addition to other equipment needed to diagnose several other diseases.

The hospital also includes a physical therapy department, intensive care unit and plastic surgery center.

200 doctors, 350 residents and 150 nurses are the cadre of the hospital, which includes 200 beds.

R. Milhem/H. Said

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