Leadership of al-Muwahhidin Muslims: Terrorist attacks in Sweida aim at igniting sedition

Sweida, SANA -The spiritual leadership of the sect of al-Muwahhidin Muslims in the country denounced the twin terrorist car bombings that targeted Sweida city.

The leadership said in a statement on Saturday that these terrorist attacks were committed by “the gangs of terror and Takfiri thinking” and aimed at disrupting “our national fabric and igniting sedition.”

Those gangs, the statement said, are bothered by the unity binding the locals of Sweida province and the army members.

It hailed the “calm” and “wise” way in which the situation was handled in Sweida city after the terrorist explosions, and which “has foiled the attempts of the plotters and perpetrators to drag our youth into sedition.”

Sweida police chief: Situation in the city stable

Police Chief in Sweida Maj. Gen. Mohammad Samra said the situation in Sweida city on Saturday is calm and stable, after yesterday’s twin car bomb attacks.

Terrorists blew up on Friday two car bombs almost simultaneously in two different areas in Sweida city, leaving 26 people dead and dozens of others injured.

In a statement to SANA, Samra denied reports circulated by some media outlets about targeting security personnel in Sweida city, stressing that those reports are “tendentious and baseless.”

He dismissed these reports as being part of the falsification campaign targeting the province for a while to disrupt security and stability there and shake the resilience of its locals.

Qabas/ H. Said

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