Pass rates in supplementary Baccalaureate certificate exams mark noticeable increase


Damascus, SANA – The pass rates in the supplementary and second exams of the
Baccalaureate (Secondary School) certificate of the 2015 study year reached 79.60 % in the scientific branch and 60.53 % in the literary branch.

The exam results were announced on Saturday by the Ministry of Education.

Minister Hazwan al-Waz said at a press conference that 49,368 out of the 62,018 students who took the exams of the scientific branch passed.

In the literary branch, 25,225 students passed out of 41,674.

In the Sharia (religious education) Secondary School certificate, the Minister said the exam pass rate reached 72.24 % as 598 students took the exams and 432 of them passed.

The supplementary exams were held on 26 July, with the pass rates marking a noticeable increase compared to the first session, announced in July 5, in which the pass rates reached 68.86 in the scientific branch and 52.93 in the literary branch.

H. Zain/ H. Said

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