Homs Governor during tour of al-Hosn city: Locals will begin to return as of Thursday

Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said that al-Hosn city is ready for the return of its locals after it has been cleared of terrorists, and that the locals will begin returning as of Thursday via the efforts of local committees.

During a tour on Tuesday of al-Hosn city and Krak des Chevaliers, the castle the city is built around and after which the city is named (al-Hosn means “the keep” in Arabic), al-Barazi said that engineering units of the army have finished surveying the area and disposed of all suspicious objects, explosive devices, and weapons caches.

He said that repairs and work to rehabilitate the infrastructure in the city is underway, and will be carried out according to a three-month plan in which services will be provided according to their priority.

The Governor said the city council and the local police department will process citizens’ compensation claims for direct damage to their properties, and that considerable efforts will be exerted to speed up the return of locals to this vital city, adding that the zoning plans of the city will be reconsidered to best benefit the locals.

Al-Barazi inspected a number of state establishments and departments in the city that were damaged by the terrorists, including the city council, cultural center, and police departments.

During this visit, the tourist road to the town and the castle was cleared of the dirt barricades that were obstructing it.

Local officials asserted that local facilities and services will be operational in time for the locals’ return, including the police department, and that assessment of damages to schools and evaluation of the water networks’ status are underway, adding that 100 extra phone landlines will be provided until the city’s phone services are restored.

H. Sabbagh

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