Haidar: Locals of al-Husainia to return to their homes in the next week

Damascus, SANA- Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar affirmed that the locals of al-Husainia area in Damascus Countryside will start in the next week to return to their homes which will happen without any administrative complications.

During his meeting with Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria Michael Kingsley-Nyinah on Monday, the minister pointed out that al-Husainia area is now secure thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and the support of locals, adding that the ministry in cooperation with the governmental and social bodies concerned is working to meet all citizens’ needs.

The minister noted that the returning project should by no means be exploited as all humanitarian files and should contribute to easing citizens’ suffering.

For his part, Kingsley-Nyinah hailed the Syrian government’ efforts to accomplish the returning project in al-Husainia area, expressing hope that stability and security will soon return to Syria.

Haidar - UNRWA 1

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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