Syrian-Russian talks to promote cultural and scientific cooperation

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mohammed Amer al-Mardini discussed with Elbros Kotrashev, the delegate minister at the Russian embassy in Damascus means to promote cooperation in the cultural and scientific fields between the Syria and Russia.

Minister al-Mardini pointed out the need to activate cooperation by increasing the number of the Russian master and doctorate scholarships for Syrian students and establishing branches of Russian universities and schools in Syria to strengthen the cultural relations between the two countries.

He noted that an agreement has been signed recently to logistically support the Russian Language and Literature Department at Damascus University with the teaching staff and educational requirements.

Dr. Mardini called on rectors of a number major universities in Russia to visit Damascus University and to reactivate mutual agreements.

In turn, Kotrashiv expressed readiness of the Russian Embassy to follow up all the topics discussed by the Syrian delegation who visited Moscow recently, expressing appreciation for Syria’s interest in the Russian language.

A delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education held a series of meetings in Moscow in mid-July with the International Cooperation Agency at the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian deputy Minister of Education, as well as meetings that led to important agreements with the administration of the Russian World Fund to establish an office in Syria in charge of teaching the Russian language.

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