Deputy FM: Syria has started to reap political harvest of its steadfastness

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad on Wednesday stressed that the Syrian people and leadership are optimistic and they are convinced that Syria will win its war against the systematic aggression which has been targeting it for about five years.

Mikdad, interviewed by the Syrian TV, said that the region and Syria have recently started to witness a lot of significant developments, indicating that the image is changing positively even if in a slow way, adding that Syria has started to reap the political harvest of the steadfastness of its people and leadership, the heroism of its army in the war against terrorism and of the support provided to it by its friends.

“We are still hearing a flimsy denial by the Jordanian authorities claiming that they are not  involved in the events in Syria, and we demand that they immediately stop harming Syria and shedding the blood of the Syrians….All of their calculations went down the drain thanks to resilience of the Syrian people and army,” Mikdad added.

He expressed comfort over the great achievement reached by Iran in regard to the agreement on its nuclear file which came as a result of the honest diplomacy and understanding the reality of the Iranian role in the region by the international community.

Mikdad indicated that there has been a change in the world’s stance towards what is taking place in Syria as the world has started to understand that terrorist attacks will move to other countries.

He added that the conviction of not toppling the political leadership in Syria has become a fact in the policies of many countries, and a basis on which the Russian dialogue with other countries is built.

Commenting on targeting some countries by ISIS terrorists, Mikdad said that the ISIS is a blind organization as it doesn’t care about its relations or friendships, moreover the countries which have made alliances with ISIS will be affected by this terrorist organization sooner or later.

He pointed out that if Turkey continues its policies, then terrorism will move to all its areas.

If “Israel” finds an opportunity, it will even destroy those who stand by it, yet in the current circumstances “Israel” is thinking of destroying Syria first, and then to move to Iraq and later to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Mikdad said.

He pointed out that there are a lot of contacts with the Syrian leadership and there is a clear admission by the countries who led the war against Syria that they have been mistaken and that they have to shoulder their responsibilities in this domain, adding that many of the European countries have sent letters to Syria and Syria is making precise and responsible dialogues.

He referred to the hostile stance adopted by France towards Syria over the past five years, indicating that some of the French intellectuals have started to recognize the cheap policy adopted by France to solve its problems.

Regarding the delegations which visit Syria, Mikdad said that these delegations play a significant role in conveying a true image to their countries about what is taking place in Syria and they expose the falsifications of the mass media as they have started to change the public opinion and they started to realize that what is taking place in Syria is terrorism.

Concerning Russia’s initiative on forming an alliance against ISIS, Mikdad said that since the beginning of the events, Syria has been ready to ally with any country for countering terrorism, questioning the ability of the countries which have supported terrorism to join such an alliance.

“When the world defeats terrorism in Syria, it will be a service for all the countries of the world who will find themselves one day in a direct confrontation with terrorism,” Mikdad said.

He added that the US has benefited from supporting ISIS in undermining Syria over four years and it has diverted the attention of Syria, the Arabs and all the countries of the region from the basic conflict with the Zionist entity to the conflict inside Syria, but today it is facing an imminent danger as it is not able to contain these organizations which it has planted in the region.

He reiterated condemnation of all the crimes perpetrated by terrorist organizations in different Arab countries, calling upon all the Arab countries to re-study a unified Arab strategy to counter terrorism in the required way.

Mikdad called upon the UN to shoulder its responsibilities towards the terrorist danger which is threatening the nations of the region and the world, and to take specific measures to implement the adopted resolutions, calling upon the regional and other organizations to play an active role in confronting this rapidly growing danger.

Commenting on the results of the visits paid to Syria by the UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura, Mikdad said that de Mistura came to Syria and he was talking at the beginning of his task about Aleppo, and the Syrian Government provided all the required measures to make his mission a success, yet the governments which control the oppositions, which some claim that they are democratic, have foiled de Mistura’s mission and his plan for freezing the fighting in Aleppo.

He added that whoever thinks that pressurizing the Syrian Government will make it stop fighting terrorism or whoever trains the terrorists, will contribute to the failure of de Mistura’s mission.

“We are optimistic and we shoulder our responsibilities seriously, and we will listen attentively to all the ideas of de Mistura and if he wants to complete his mission successfully, the armed terrorist organizations should be pressurized and all of those who support and finance them should change their stances and unite in the framework of the Russian initiative on countering terrorism, and after succeeding in that, we move towards a political process that embraces only the Syrians and this is the road which was agreed upon in Geneva Conference,” Mikdad stressed.

Mikdad added “We expect a serious dialogue with de Mistura on all the ideas which he will propose at the UN Security Council at the end of the current month, and we hope that he will take into consideration the ideas which we will propose as we are the ones who represent the Syrians and and Syria as a country and a UN member state.”

He concluded by saying that the International Media Conference for Confronting Takfiri Terrorism to be held on Friday and Saturday by the Ministry of Information has a great importance as the Syrian officials will propose their viewpoints on the dangers of terrorism and the important role of media in this domain.

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