Shaaban: Priority in Syria is to end terrorism and dry its resources

Damascus, SANA-Presidential Political and Media Advisor Buthaina Shaaban affirmed that priority in Syria today is to end terrorism and dry its resources.

“Iranian nuclear deal will serve the region and the whole world because it represents an approach towards dialogue and peaceful solutions and dealing with countries away from sanctions,” Shaaban told al-Mayadeen channel in a TV speech broadcast Wednesday.

On whether the deal will be positively reflected on Syria or not, Shaaban said “Syria, as a country in the region, will benefit from approaching towards peace,” adding that Syria backs curbing proliferation of nuclear weapons and making the Middle East an area free from them.

On the possibility of making Iran a communication channel between Syria and the West, Shaaban said Iran, before the deal, was a commutation bridge between Syria and the West as meetings were held between Iran, Switzerland and Syria in Iran and Switzerland, but, adding Shaaban, communication with the West is not an important thing.

As for the probability of holding Geneva 3 conference, Shaaban made clear that the Syrian stance has always been positive to sit and go to Geneva and in the Arab, international initiatives, adding “when we sit with the so-called Coalition, we knew that we were sitting with puppet of other countries, not a national opposition.”

Concerning di Mistura’s visit to Syria, Shaaban said that the UN Envoy went to China, met with the Russians and the Americans as well as with the opposition, adding ” it is expected he will arrive in Syria on Thursday to brief the Syrian government on the outcomes of his talks before he submits his report to Security Council on July 29th.

“The Coalition, led by the US, to combat terrorism has given nothing in Iraq or Syria,” Shaaban added.

She affirmed priority in Syria now is combating terrorism, stopping its support and finding a genuine cooperation among countries against it.

On the reforms in Syria and the political situation, Shaaban said it is the decision of the Syrian people since the first day, adding “the issues are clear, but the problem lies in interventions and other agendas they try to impose on our country.”


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