Updated-Army destroys a tunnel in al-Zabadani, continues operations against Takfiri terrorists across the country

Provinces, SANA- Units of the army and armed forces on Wednesday continued to launch wide-scale military operations against Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their fortifications, arms and ammunition.

Damascus Countryside

A unit of the army and armed forces destroyed a 70 meter long and two meter deep tunnel that expands from al-Zabadani towards Madaya.

The tunnel had been used by terrorists for sneaking and transporting supplies, a military source told SANA Wednesday, adding that the tunnel was completely destroyed along with all the terrorists, weapons, and munitions inside it.

In the eastern al-Ghouta, army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in Harasta, Douma, Erbin, Bait Nayem Farms, Marj al-Sultan, Alya Farms, Zamalka, Zibdin and Deir al-Asafir, killing large numbers of terrorists, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities, and destroying a number of their vehicles, weaponry and munitions.


The army killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in the surrounding of the air force academy, Sheikh Lutfi, Bayanoun, Bustan al-Qasre, al-Rashideen and Bani Zaid in Aleppo and its countryside.


Air force kills a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in province countryside

The Army’s Air Force killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and destroyed their dens and vehicles in Abu al-Dhour, Maaret Masreen, Kansafra, Rakaya Sajneh, and kafar Owiyed in Idleb countryside.

The air force killed many terrorists, injured others and destroyed their weapons in strikes against their gatherings in the villages of Balion, Kansafra and Kafar Oweid in the southwestern countryside of the province.
In the southern countryside of the province , air strikes targeted terrorists’ dens in al-Rakaia and Sajna, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others.

Also, many terrorists were killed and others were injured in air strikes targeting terrorists’ dens to the south of Sahian and al-The village.

Army units in cooperation with the supporting national forces continued  operations against the last gathering of Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham “ISIS” terrorist organization at the southern outskirts of al-Ghoweran neighborhood and the other areas the northeastern city of Hasaka.

At the surrounding area of the cemetery in the southeastern side of al-Ghoweran, army units carried out concentrated operations where many ISIS dens were eliminated, field sources told SANA.

The sources stressed that the army units are tackling with the last ISIS gathering with the suitable weapons in preparation for the return of citizens to their houses after they were attacked by the terrorists.

The forces centered in the area expanding from the Youth Housing and Ghoweran neighborhood managed to paralyze ISIS movement killing big numbers of them.

The sources pointed out that army units and the national defense forces killed ISIS snipers including foreign mercenaries, stressing that the forces working on al-Nashwa al-Sharqia axis achieved advance after killing terrorists in a number of buildings.

In al-Nashwa al-Gharbia neighborhood, the forces chased down ISIS terrorists who fled away towards al-Nashwa al-Sharia and they dismantled tens of explosives planted by terrorists in the houses.

The forces centered in Red Villas neighborhood destroyed a car bomb that was coming from al-Maarouf village to the east of Hasaka city, leaving the suicidal terrorist dead.


In the southern province of Quneitra, many terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra were killed and others injured in a special military operation carried out in the area between al-Hamidya and Abu Shatta villages in the countryside of the province.


In neighboring province, a unit of the army and armed forces killed 8 terrorists, including a Saudi named Abdullah Abu Othman and a Tunisian nicknamed Abu Dujana, in Ebta’a town in the countryside of the southern Daraa province.

Army units also targeted terrorist’ hideouts and concentrations in al-Karak al-Sharqi village in al-Mseifra area, and in Daraa al-Balad, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weaponry and munitions.


Army units destroyed dens and gatherings of ISIS terrorists in Um Tweineh, Jub al-Basheer and al-Sultaniyeh in Palmyra countryside.

Units of the army also destroyed ISIS gatherings and a number of vehicles, equipped with heavy machine guns in Wadi al-Masek and north of al-Maqale near Palmyra, killing a number of the terrorists.

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