“Our Word” workshop launches project to collect Syrians’ signatures to stop war

Damascus, SANA- The participants in the “Our word” workshop launched on Tuesday a project to collect signatures of Syrians inside and outside Syria on a list consisting of six demands, foremost among them being stopping the terrorists war against the Syrian people and lifting the unilateral and coercive economic measures, which would help pave the way towards a political and peaceful solution in Syria.

In a press conference held at the Damascus University conference hall, member of the People’s Assembly Maria Sa’adeh pointed out that the list includes further demands such as implementing the UN Security Council resolutions nos. 2170, 2178, and 2199, holding those who don’t commit to them accountable, adhering to the mechanisms stipulated in the UNESCO charter regarding returning the stolen Syrian archeological artifacts, in addition to taking serious measures to protect the Syrian heritage and maintaining the well-being of the Syrian social fabric in coordination with the Syrian government.

The list, according to Sa’adeh, asserts restoring Syria’s diplomatic relations with other countries and opening their embassies with the aim of reestablishing connection and dialogue between the Syrian people and other peoples, ensuring the cooperation and development relations via the legal establishments which represent their peoples, launching a popular diplomatic campaign to be in touch with the world public opinion, and pressuring governments to cancel all the unilateral procedures against Syria.

She highlighted that the list also includes kicking off a PR campaign to reveal the reality inside Syria, a reality that is being kept from the external public opinion, and showcasing the real role played by the Syrian Arab Army in fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world.

“Our word” workshop was a real platform for a slice of a Syrian society that has been targeted by the war and is still bearing its burdens, Sa’adeh said, adding that the only compass is the unity of Syrian people and Syria’s territorial integrity.

The participants in “Our word” workshop, launched on June 12th with the presence of 100 figures, asserted adherence to the principles that unify the Syrian people and maintain Syria’s territorial integrity in the face of the foreign interference, expressing faith in the Syrian society’ ability to confront the conspiracy targeting their country.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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