Syrian Dima Salameh named first runner-up in “Top Model of the World”

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Model Dima Salameh was named the first runner-up in the “Top Model of the World” international competition recently hosted by Lebanon with the participation of 40 models from different countries of the world.

“It was a new and successful experience after participating in “Miss Asia” competition which was held in South Korea,” Salameh told SANA, indicating that this experience was distinguished, particularly after she was named the first runner-up in the competition of the “World Next Top Model”.

Salameh stressed that “By winning the title I was able to raise high the name and the flag of my home country Syria among the flags of 40 other countries from the world and I was able to deliver a brilliant image about the beauty of the Syrian women and its superiority on the international level.”

“I aspired to win the title of “Miss Top Model of the World”, yet winning the runner-up title is good also as it adds to my experience and it increases my self-confidence as a model,” Salameh added.

“I was very happy when I knew that I was nominated for participating in the competition, and of course the biggest support was provided to me by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism and the “Style Event” Corporation which organized the competition, and my family and friends have always supported me”,Salameh said.

Salameh hoped that such competitions be organized in Syria by Ministry of Tourism, which could be developed in the future and reach the international level, “I am optimistic that the future of fashion show and beauty competitions in Syria will be prosperous as my homeland is a civilized country.”

Salameh indicated that the Syrian women have all the required characteristics to participate in such international competitions as the “Syrian woman is one of the most beautiful women in the world.”

She added that such competitions had been held in Syria in the past, and that there were many Syrian beauty queens in the fifties of the past century and there is nothing that could prevent holding such competitions again.

Regarding the required characteristics to win such titles, Salameh said that the model shouldn’t be very beautiful as it is widely believed, yet her appearance should be good and her weight shouldn’t exceed 60 kgs and her height should be over 170 cm, and she should be tactful, and able to cope with the difficult circumstances and to overcome any problems facing her at work.

The Top Model of the World is an international search for the ultimate model. The sought-after characteristics are: independence, talent and fashion consciousness.

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