Photo exhibition and symposium highlighting terrorist crimes in Syria held in Rome

Roma, SANA – The Syrian community in Italy, the European Solidarity Front for Syria and the Melkite Greek Catholic Church (Santa Maria in Cosmedin) organized a day for solidarity with Syria in the Italian capital Rome.

An exhibition showcasing photos that shed light on the crimes of the terrorist organizations in Syria was held in the framework of the event, in whose organization the Ministry of Tourism took part.

Pamphlets were distributed to the visitors providing an insight into the reality of the terrorist war targeting Syria and the involvement of regional and international countries in backing and fueling terrorism.

The event also included holding a symposium with the participation of Archbishop of Jerusalem in Exile Hilarion Capucci and Archimandrite Mtanios Haddad, Rector of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church.

A crowd of Syrian expatriates attended the symposium, in which the state of fraternity and co-existence existing among the various religious communities and sects in Syria was highlighted.

The symposium also underscored the fact that the Syrian army is fighting a war against terrorism on its land on behalf of the whole world.

Haifa Said

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