Foreign Ministry: More terrorist crimes taking place due to continued support by some countries

Damascus, SANA –Syria complained to the UN over the continued financial and military support to the terrorists by some countries, which is encouraging terrorists to commit more crimes in Syria.

In two letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council Chairman on Friday, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry referred to the latest massacre which terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and “Ahrar al-Sham Movement” committed against the residents of Qalb Lawze village in the countryside of Idleb province Wednesday night.

At least 30 civilians were killed, five of them members of one family. The terrorists also looted and burned tens of houses.

This and other terrorist crimes, the letters said, would not have happened was it not for the regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israeli, Jordan and Turkey continuing to provide armament, financial, equipment, shelter and training support to the terrorist organizations in a blatant violation of UN resolutions, in particular the Security Council resolutions related to combating terrorism.

The ministry pointed out that the Syrian government will provide the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council with information related to the victims of the massacre.

The massacre in Qalb Lawze village is not the first one, said the letters, citing a series of massacres that terrorists perpetrated in several provinces.
The world countries and international organizations have two options: either to stand by the Syrian government against terrorism, or side with terrorists and stand to account before their own people and the international public opinion, the letters added.

The ministry said some countries’ insistence to view terrorist organizations as “moderate opposition” is a “cause for concern” as it bestows legitimacy on their terrorist crimes.

The Foreign Ministry wondered at the “absolute silence” of some Security Council member states on these classified terrorist crimes in Syria.
The ministry concluded by asserting the Syrian government’s right to carry out its duties in fighting terrorism and protecting its people, once again calling on the Security Council to enforce its counter-terrorism resolutions.

Manar al-Freih/Manal

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