Reconciliation subcommittee of Souran in Hama continues efforts to prevent a terrorists’ foothold

Damascus, SANA – Members of the People’s Assembly’s National Reconciliation Committee discussed on Tuesday with the local reconciliation committee of Souran city in Hama province means to boost reconciliation steps in the city.

Souran’s reconciliation sub-committee members pointed out that the locals had played a quite significant and effective role in fortifying their city and preventing terrorists from penetrating it and having a foothold there.

This has so far been successfully established thanks to the popular initiatives that resulted in achieving local reconciliations in the city to spare it the repercussions of terrorist infiltration.

Abdul-Razak al-Mahmoud of Souran’s sub-committee presented a review of a special initiative the committee is working on to tackle the file of missing people and detainees from the city and its surroundings.

Chairman of the People’s Assembly’s National Reconciliation Committee Omar Osi called for tackling all national reconciliation files, including those related to the missing and abducted people and national dialogue.

Manar al-Frieh/Haifa Said

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