Endowments Ministry: ISIL acts in Iraq aimed at distorting Islam and destroying country

Damascus, SANA – Ministry of Endowments stressed on Thursday that the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” and all takfiri terrorist organizations are trying to mislead many youngsters with their extremist thought under the title of religion and other sectarian titles and they are seeking to establish their “Islamic state” while in fact it is an attempt to distort religion and destroy countries.

In a statement, the ministry said what is happening in Iraq is a continuation of the takfiri scheme in the region, considering all takfiri extremist groups as “being misled and swayed away from the Holy Quran.”

The statement added that the misinformation circulated by hostile media outlets about what is happening in Iraq and presenting the events as a revolution led by specified people in a specified area are only aimed at fragmenting the unity of Iraq.

The ministry stressed that the timing of what is happening in Iraq confirms the “organic connection” between the victories of the Syrian Arab Army against the terrorists in Syria and the attempts to relieve them morally and financially.


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