Gatilov: Syrian participants in Moscow inter-Syrian talks are interested in holding a third round

Moscow, SANA – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said the Syrian parties who participated in the two rounds of consultative talks in Moscow are interested in holding a third round.

In the first round of talks, which was held in January of 2015, the two sides-the government delegation and the opposition figures- approved “Moscow Principles” guidelines that focus on preserving Syria’s sovereignty and unity, fighting all forms of terrorism, settling the crisis peacefully and politically and rejecting any foreign interference.

In the April round a unified paper assessing the “status quo in Syria” item of a Russian-proposed schedule was approved.

Speaking in statements to the reporters on Thursday, Gatilov said views during the second round were generally inclined to holding a third round of consultations, noting that the idea is still there and that it will be discussed soon.

However, no date has been set for the next round of talks yet, according to Gatilov.

He highlighted the readiness of the Syrian government in particular to move ahead with the dialogue with the opposition, saying this provides a useful opportunity in the process of reaching a settlement to the crisis in Syria.

Haifa Said

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