Information Minister: Saudi regime has no right to talk about legitimacy

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said on Sunday in response to statements by the Saudi regime’s Foreign Minister that those who have no popular or constitutional legitimacy like the Saudi regime have no right to talk about legitimacy and how it’s earned or lost, adding that those who wage war on a fellow Arab country and kill women and children and destroy infrastructure have no political, religious, or even moral legitimacy.

Al-Zoubi said that the man who was in charge of the Saudi regime’s relations with Israeli organizations in Washington then assumed the post of Foreign Minister does not represent the opinion of the Saudi people or their repressed and usurped political will.

He added that the Saudi regime ought to stay quiet after it has committed crimes in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, instead of trying to pretend to care about the Arabs and Muslims when in fact its hands are stained with their blood.

Al-Zoubi said the Saudi Minister’s claim of his position representing the positions of all Arabs is a falsehood, unless he uses “all of us” to mean his regime and Israel, at which point his words are accurate and significant.

Hazem Sabbagh

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