Nasrallah: Battle of al-Qalamoun ongoing and will continue

Beirut, SANA – Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that history is repeating itself under new names and slogans, with the threat currently endangering the states and people of the region being the Takfiri plot, stressing that this threat is unprecedented in human history and targets human existence.

In a speech on Sunday on the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day, Nasrallah saluted Syria’s leadership and people and all those who assisted and supported the resistance and helped it achieve victory.

He said that the battle of al-Qalamoun is ongoing and will continue until the Syrian Arab Army, popular defense forces, and the Lebanese resistance are able to secure the entirety of the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

Nasrallah affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army, popular resistance, and public support allowed Syria to persevere in the face of the universal war targeting it.

He noted that the biggest danger when it comes to the Takfiri plot is that some are trying to disconnect the battle taking place in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt against this threat, saying that the most prominent example of the Takfiri plot on the ground is ISIS which murders, destroys, rapes, and enslaves, with this terrorist organization’s most recent atrocity being the massacre it committed in Palmyra, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, most of them women, children, and elderly people.

Hezbollah’s Secretary General said that the Lebanese resistance is capable of contributing to the efforts of the Syrian army and people in order to realize victory over the Takfiri plot, adding “our fighting in Syria defends everyone.”

He also asserted that there is no such thing as “Al-Fateh Army,” as what is being referred to as that is merely Jabhet al-Nusra, which is Al Qaeda’s offshoot in the Levant area that some are trying to give a face-lift and rebrand as “Al-Fateh Army.”

Nasrallah said that there are some in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the region who are burying their heads in the sand and claim that there is no threat, while others are standing aside, and others are assisting and betting on terrorist groups, viewing these groups as a friend, an ally, and a savior, similar to those who supported Israel in 1982.

He asserted that those who think that they can protect themselves and their groups by remaining silent over ISIS and al-Nusra or by supporting them are delusional, adding that the first victims of these terrorist organizations in Lebanon would be the Future Movement and its leaders and MP.

Nasrallah also noted that there is a psychological warfare funded by the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon and certain states to depict the Lebanese resistance as being defeated, asserting that he did not call for a general mobilization and that the situation is good, adding that if such a call would be made, tens of thousands will answer it.

Hazem Sabbagh

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