UN delegation hails government efforts for supporting IDPs

Lattakia, SANA – UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Chaloka Beyani on Monday hailed the great efforts exerted by the Syrian government, providing full support to the IDPs and supplying them with all basic needs.

He clarified that he, alongside with the accompanying delegation, has come to meet the IDPs in Lattakia and set a clear and objective evaluation to brief the international community on the reality of the situation in Syria in order to find suitable solutions.

Beyani, during his meeting with Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khedr al-Salem, indicated that the number of the displaced people, due to the current events taking place in the country, is considered the biggest in the world and that makes the situation extremely dangerous, pointing out that the problem is not a local one rather it is regional, international and humanitarian.

“The UN delegation seeks to bridge the gap between the allocated aid and the actual needs of the displaced,” he said.

Beyani condemned terrorism, which is randomly striking civilians, expressing hope of finding creative means in coordination between the Syrian government and the international partners for providing normal life to the IDPs, pointing out that the delegation will submit a report to UN Human Rights Council.

Lattakia Governor, for his part, reviewed the situation of the displaced people in the Province and the support given to them, pointing out that the six makeshift centers in Lattakia embrace only 1% out of the comers from the terror-struck provinces as the local residents have received 99% of them in both the city and the countryside of the province.

The Governor referred to the big gap between the numbers of the IDPs in the Province in the studies of the international organizations and the reality, calling upon the delegation to pay a field visit to check up the situation.

“Syria before the crisis had been the secure shelter for the refugees from many countries including Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon… the country was classified as the third worldwide by the UN to receive refugees without asking for need from any side, yet today, we are calling upon the international organizations to support us due to the enormity of the terrorists’ atrocities backed by many countries such as Turkey, Jordan and others,” al-Salem added.

“We deal honestly with the international organizations because we are right, as we are facing a foreign-backed aggression …we are not the side going to others’ territories to fight,” he added.

The delegation members met displaced families that escaped massacres of terrorists in Kassab, Ishtabraq and others and they are to visit makeshift centers in the Province.
R. Milhem/ Barry

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