“Syria Cradle of Civilization” a film stresses cultural glory of Syria

Sofia, SANA – “Every person has two homelands… His own and Syria”, Bulgarian Alfa TV borrowed the famous dictum of the French historian and former director of the Louvre Museum Andre Parrot as a prelude to its documentary “Syria.. Cradle of Civilizations” film which highlights the shining role of the Syrian culture over ages.

The film was produced by Alfa TV in cooperation with Bulgarian Ataka political party and members of the Syrian community in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

alfa1It narrates the story of the cultural glory of Syria whose ember did not subside over ages and relates, with fluent Arabic and Bulgarian languages and with photos, the story of a civilization which is the “mother and cradle of civilizations”.

Alfa TV, a Bulgarian television channel owned and operated by the political party of Ataka, pointed out that it prepared the film, which marks Syria’s Independence Day, in Arabic and Bulgarian languages because the TV is widely watched in Bulgaria and the Arab world.

The film talks in details about most of the Syrian archeological sites using very selective expressions to describe the splendor of the Syrian beauty, glory and history.
“From here was the beginning.. The start of the ancient history.. Syria, that jewel in the core of the world, whose ruins are still giving every researcher the signs of the past to know the truth and essence of the existence.. since 7000 years, Syria is still spreading peace and from it the initial alphabet of Ugarit, the essence of everything,” was born, Rula Hamidah, a Bulgarian was living with her family in Syria till recently said at the beginning of the film.

Starting with the mountains of the two cities of Kasab and Slenfeh in the Syrian coastal region, the film screened the historical city of Safita, the mineral water of al-Draikish city and Mashta al-Hilo Mountains.

The film, also, narrates the cultural story of the two cities of Homs and Hama, central Syria, touring their archeological cities, citadels, churches, palaces and ruins.

The Norias of Hama, which are set at the banks of Orontes River, the Lion of Shaizar, the mountains of Masyaf city and the emperors of the world were screened in the film, which headed into the north of Syria in Aleppo city, the city of trade, industry, science and poetry, passing by Maarat al- Nua’man, the city of Philosopher Abu al-Alaa Al-Maarri.

The film also highlighted the eastern region of Syria where the goddess of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of sex and love, is still spreading its beauty and glamor over the Euphrates River, showing (the film) the charm of al-Salihyeh, Harran and Raqaa cities.

The film made a stop in the city of the tourists’ destinations across the world, the “bride of the desert” of Palmyra, before it heads to the west of the country, to the city of Deir Atiyah.

“You are in front of a truth carved in the rock” the film tells its viewers upon arriving in Maaloula, the city which is considered as the oldest shelters of human being, where the Aramaic, the language of Christ, is still spoken by its people.

The film stresses that from Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the world, tolerant Islam shines and Christianity has spread.

Syria is the store of the ancient civilizations, from which the first step of humanity in agriculture, arts, religions, trade and law was launched.. In it the first Olympic race of Amrit was kicked off.. And from the eastern gate of the East Mediterranean you enter the charming and splendid Syria, the Bulgarian lady added.

The 45-minut film shed a light on Shahba, the city of Roman Emperor Philippus Arabs and made a tour in Bosra Theater and the house of monk Huhaira, to Horan plain and Golan Mountains.

It is Syria, since it has been found, it was the home of truth, knowledge, dialogue, first alphabet, the first tune and the first Olympic race, the film concluded by saying.

Hala Zain/ Barry

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