Information Ministry: Malicious media outlets spreading lies and rumors to undermine morale

Damascus, SANA – The Information Ministry said on Tuesday that some malicious media outlets, including satellite channels, newspapers, magazines, and websites, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts, are carrying out a propaganda campaign timed with the clashes with terrorists taking place in the provinces of Idleb, Hasaka, and Daraa.

The Ministry said that these outlets are spreading lies and rumors regarding the security, military, economic, and political situation in a bid to affect the morale of the Syrian civilians and soldiers alike, with these lies and rumors attempting to cause panic by making up stories or linking various occurrences to depict the recent events as being a shift in the course of the battles between the Syrian Arab Army and terrorists, with some outlets employing fake images and exaggeration to give credibility to these rumors, particularly after terrorists entered Jisr al-Shughour city and committed indiscriminate massacres there.

The Ministry concluded by saying that the awareness of the Syrians regarding the media war will foil it, saluting the Syrian people and the Army and Armed Forces.

Hazem Sabbagh

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