Syrians in Italy address European Parties conference on terrorism in Syria

Rome, SANA – The Syrian community in Italy participated in a conference for European Parties held in Rome to discuss issues related to “identity and national independence” and “people’s choices in solving their problems by themselves”.

Head of the Syrian community Jamal Abu Abbas used the opportunity of the meeting to present a preview of the terrorist war waged against Syria by international and regional sides which has been raging for over four years now.

Syria, he said, is fighting terrorism and extremism on behalf of the region and the whole world, including Europe, where the terror danger has spread and poses a real threat, referring to the conspiring sides’ continued support to the terrorists operating in Syria.

Abu Abbas viewed the Syrian participation in the conference as important in terms of the Syrian attendees having the chance of speaking out about the war their homeland is faced with and making the Syrian community’s voice heard by the people and government of Italy.

A documentary film featuring crimes and massacres perpetrated by the takfiri terrorist organizations in Syria was screened during the conference.


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