Lattakia governor: Lattakia province a thumbnail of tolerance and coexistence

Lattakia, SANA – Lattakia province is a very small image of tolerance and coexistence of the Syrian people as the province includes all spectrums of the Syrian people, Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khedur al-Salem said Saturday during a meeting with members of a French  civil society delegation visiting Syria.

Al-Salem expressed hope that the French delegation will convey to the French people the  truth of what is happening in Syria, as the Syrian people are facing a global war waged by the armed terrorist organizations supported by the French government under false  pretexts.
These terrorist organizations are trying to destroy the historical and cultural heritage of Syria under the silence of the international community, Lattakia Governor said.

Voicing support to the Syrian people, the French delegation members stressed that they came to Syria to uncover the truth of what is happening and to pray for peace in the country.

They affirmed that they will convey a message to the French people to come to Syria and get acquainted with the truth of what is really happening far from the falsification of some mass media.

H. Zain/ Barry

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