Meetings held on second day of Moscow inter-Syrian talks

Moscow, SANA- The third session of the second day of Moscow inter-Syrian talks has started, with the consultative meetings are attended by the delegation of the Syrian government, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, and figures of the opposition.

The Russian moderator Vitaly Naumkin, who is Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been attending the meetings since the second round of talks started on Monday.

Earlier today, the delegation of the Syrian government presented points on the first item of the agenda titled “estimating the status quo” which are:

1- Settling the crisis in Syria through peaceful political means on a consensual basis stemming from Geneva1 Principles of June 30th, 2012.

2-   Calling upon the international community to exercise prompt and serious pressure on all Arab, regional and international sides, particularly Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to halt all actions in support of terrorism including the facilitation of terrorists’ crossing into Syria as well as training the terrorists, harboring and arming them.

3- Calling upon the international community to immediately lift the siege and the unilateral economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian state.

4- The results of any political process should rely on the national sovereignty and people’s will.

5- Supporting and consolidating national reconciliations and backing the Army and Armed Forces in counterterrorism process.

6- Calling upon the international community to help the Syrian refugees return to their homeland and creating the suitable conditions for making the displaced come back.

7-  The bases of any political process lie in the following identifiers:

A- Preserving the national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity.

B- Preserving the institutions of the state and working on developing them and upgrading their performance.

C- Commitment to liberating all the occupied Syrian territories.

E- Holding an inter-Syrian dialogue under a Syrian leadership without foreign interference is the sole means for realizing a political solution.

8- Urging the international community to support the agreement reached in Moocow as a step towards adopting it in Geneva3 Conference.

Earlier Wednesday three discussion sessions were held between the two sides resulted in joint points in spite of differences inside the delegation of the opposition figures.

Al-Jaafari said of Wednesday’s three sessions “fruitful and serious exchange of ideas and viewpoints has been crowned with proposals and thoughts submitted by the government’s delegation in order to be discussed as outcomes for the first and second items of the agenda suggested by the Russian friends.
R. Milhem/ Barry

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