Al-Jaafari calls on opposition for real action towards dialogue, political solution demands fighting terrorism

Moscow, SANA – Bashar al-Jaafari, head of Syrian government delegation to Moscow inter-Syrian talks, announced the delegation’s approval of a set of points proposed by the Russian moderator Vitaly Naumkin as a schedule for the second round of the talks.

Bashar al-Jaafari said in his speech delivered during the first session of the second round on Wednesday that the Syrian government looks for a “clear and unambiguous” position from its “partners in the opposition” and real actions that are up to the level of the national responsibility.

“The compass of our meeting is the interest of the Syrian people and ending their suffering,” said al-Jaafari, adding that the Syrian government has been working to realize this goal through combating terrorism and making the necessary reforms to move towards a better future.

He called on the opposition to work together with the government to come to holding a national dialogue where to discuss the suitable formulas and mechanisms necessary to fulfilling the higher national interests of the Syrian state.

Al-Jaafari stressed that national dialogue is the only way that leads to a political solution.

Such a solution, he however said, is susceptible to stumbling and getting undermined by terrorism.

Al-Jaafari lashed out at the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, France and the US and other countries for non-abiding by the UN Security Council’s resolutions 2170, 2178 and 2199 that prohibit recruiting, funding, training, arming, harboring terrorists and facilitating their passage into the Syrian and Iraqi

He made it clear that the fact that what is taking place in Syria is terrorism can no longer be denied after more than four years of the crisis.

“The question to be asked now is that: ‘Is there anyone of us here who disagree with us about classifying what is taking place [in Syria] as other than criminality, piracy and systematic terrorism?'” al-Jaafari said.

He cited the attacks against infrastructure, factories, museums, archeological sites, oil and gas pipelines, electricity plants, transportation means, schools, hospitals, health centers and worship places as example of the undeniable acts of terrorism in Syria.

Further examples and evidence of the reality of the terrorist war in the country were put straight by al-Jaafari when he referred to the nationalities of so-called “leaders” of the terrorists-claimed “revolution”, citing the Chechen, Kuwaiti, British, Saudi, Jordanian, Tunisian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Afghan, French, Australian, Irish and American nationalities.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN added that any alleged doubts about the fact of terrorism in Syria should not but be dismissed when the reality was laid bare by the Western public opinion itself, who has started to expose its governments one after another and unmask their involvement in the terrorist war.

He cited recently published books in France that spoke of the involvement of the French intelligence and the current French Foreign Minister in using chemical weapons in the Damascus Ghouta attack in August 2013.

Al-Jaafari also referred to the Turkish prosecutors, including former Turkish attorney general Aziz Takci, and officers who have been sacked or arrested after they took part in unveiling operations of sending trucks loaded with weapons to terrorists in Syria.

Another example of involvement in the terrorist war in Syria was that of the Lebanese Lutfallah II and Libyan Intisar ships which carried weapons to terrorists from Libya to Syria across Lebanon.

He cited Western leaders admitting during a Security Council session to endorse resolution 2178 that thousands of their countries’ nationals have headed to Syria to fight alongside the terrorist groups.

The involvement of Western and other media in supporting terrorism was referred to by al-Jaafari who cited an official website of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which is registered in the American state of Texas.

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