Army units kill more terrorists, establsih control on two points in Lattakia countryside

Provinces, SANA-Units of the army and the armed forces on Wednesday carried out a series of military operations targeting dens and gatherings of armed terrorist organizations in different areas, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying their vehicles.


A military source told SANA that the army established control on points 767 and 803 which overlook Rabea in Lattakia countryside, foiled an infiltration attempt by terrorists from Ghamam village into some military points in Kafra and Wati al-Khan villages.

The army also killed scores of terrorists in the villages of al-Kabeer, al-Rabea, Fronlouk reserve and Beit Ablaq and destroying their vehicles.

Damascus countryside

The army killed many terrorists of so-called “Islam army and Ajnad al-Sham”, some of them from the Sudanese nationality, and destroyed their vehicles through special strikes against their dens in Douma and Qalamoun mountains in Damascus countryside.

SANA field reporter said that a unit of the army destroyed a vehicles equipped with heavy machine gun and killed nearly 15 members of the so-called Islam army terrorist organization near al-Hajariya in Douma.

Among the killed terrorists were Zaher Fadllah Othman, from Sudan, Said Hamoud, Said al-Jajeh, Ahmad Boukae and Fawaz al-Khin.

In Tal Kurdi to the north-east of Douma, an army unit clashed with terrorists, killing 15 more terrorists, among them Mohammad al-Da’as, leader of an armed terrorist group.

In Damascus southern countryside, the army killed several terrorists and destroyed their weapons in Beit Jin, 1 km of the occupied Golan.


The army smashed gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the villages of Smlein, Enkhil, Um al-Awsaj and Zamreen in Daraa countryside.

Earlier, units of the Army and Armed Forces destroyed dens and vehicles of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra nd other Takfiri organizations in Daraa and Quneitra provinces.

Army units killed scores of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra and the “Islamic Muthanna” movement, some of which are from foreign nationalities, during direct strikes on their gatherings in al-Jadeeda and Kafar Shams villages in the northwest of Daraa province, a military source told SANA.

The source added that four vehicles used by the terrorist organizations, some of which were equipped with heavy machine guns, were destroyed in the process.

Another unit of army carried out a special operation in Jaidour Horan in Inkhil town 55km to the west of Daraa city, killing a number of terrorists, injuring others, and destroying a number of their vehicles.

In Daraa al- Balad, other units eliminated terrorists and destroyed one of their vehicles along with the terrorists on board in al-Nazihin camp and the surrounding of meteorology center, according to the military source.
Another army unit killed and injured scores of terrorists in the town of al-Jiza in Daraa’s eastern countryside, destroying several of their vehicles, some of which were loaded with weapons and ammo, along with an ammo depot.


In Quneitra province, a military source said that army units killed a number of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations allied to it in the southeastern countryside of Quneitra near Daraa province.

The source noted that a unit of army directed concentrated strikes against terrorists in Mashara and al-Hameedia villages after monitoring their movements, killing a number of them and injuring others.


The army killed many terrorists, destroyed their dens in Khan Touman and al-Mansoura in Aleppo countryside.

Units of the army and armed forces carried out military operations against dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, killing scores of terrorists and injuring others in Binnish, Kafar Haiya, Kafar Takharim, Maarbleit, Joubas, Bayyaet al-Suakhaneh, al-Dibshieh, and Ain al-Souda in the countryside of Idleb northern province.


Units of the army and armed forces killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in northern al-Qastal, al-Dukaila, Kafar Zita, Moaddamiyah, Abu Hbeilat, Masoud, Jubb al-Marabe’ and al-Toubieh in the countryside of Hama province.


The army destroyed dens of terrorists in al-Taiba al-Gharbiya in Houla and al-Rastan in Homs countryside.

Army units carried out operations targeting terrorist concentrations west of Oum Sharshouh in the northern countryside of Homs province, resulting in the death of a number of terrorists.

In Homs’ eastern countryside, army operations in Habra al-Gharbiye, al-Sultaniye, Abu Hawadit, Rajm al-Qaser, Khatamlo, Salam Gharbi, and Beir Kafa farms left many terrorists dead or injured and destroyed their weapons and ammo.

A number of terrorists from ISIS were killed and others were injured when the army carried out an operation targeting their hideouts and concentrations in the surroundings of al-Shaer field and Jazal village.


Army units killed and injured large number of ISIS terrorists in al-Qasr village in Sweida’s north-eastern countryside.

A military source said the army targeted ISIS hideouts in the village, killing and injuring dozens of terrorists and destroying a number of vehicles, some of them equipped with heavy machineguns.


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