CBS to sell quantity of 20 million USD, Syrian expatriates open accounts in Syrian banks

Damascus, SANA, Central Bank of Syria announced Wednesday it will hold a session next Sunday to sell the money-exchanging companies a quantity of the foreign currency to interfere in the parallel market.

The Bank said in a statement that during the session, it will sell a quantity of 20 million USD to fund the trade and non-trade transactions and have the Syrian pound price stable.

In a relevant context, and in support of the national economy and Syrian pound, members of the Syrian communities’ delegation in Boland, Hungary and Czech opened accounts at the Real Estate Bank in Damascus.

In a statement, members of the Syrian communities abroad said they support the Syrian pound in the face of the western unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, hoping the price of the Syrian pound against the foreign currencies would be stable.

Chairman of the delegation, Ihsan Barakeh added the step comes in support of the Syrian pound and to encourage the Syrians abroad to contact with the Syrian banks.

Mazen Eyon 

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