Syrian Students across the country celebrate their Day

Provinces, SANA The National Union of Syrian Students celebrated Monday the 65th anniversary of the Syrian Student Day in different Syrian Universities and institutes.

The Union held a sport festival at al-Jalaa Sports City in Damascus marking the Syrian Student day.


The festival included sport shows in Taekwondo Karate, Kung Fu in addition to a basketball match. A number of distinguished sport students were honored in the festival.

The sport and cultural activities will continue as a sport marathon will be held on Tuesday in addition to a game for the People With

In this occasion the Union also opened a documentary exhibition at the Conferences Hall at Damascus University.

The exhibition includes five pavilions displaying President Bashar al-Assad’s participation in students’ activities in many occasions, the internal and external activities of the Union and the private universities during the crisis in the country.

The exhibition documented the students’ stances during the past 65 years and their support to their people in the struggle against colonialism.

In Sweida, the Union’s branch held a massive festivity at al-Bassel Hall in al-Mazraa sport city with participation of hundreds of
university and institutes’ students.


The students wrote a letter directed to the world students in seven languages, highlightinh the bulk of the conspiracy hatched against Syria and the students’ stances towards it.

Sweida activity also included showcasing a canvas, dubbed The Oak of 5,4 meter width and 5,3 meter length, which embodies the rich
heritage of Sweida.

In Homs province, a sport hall was inaugurated on an area of 1000 square meters for Table Tennis at the Faculty of Literatures and
Humanitarian Sciences in al-Baath University.

A 2km sport marathon was also held within the Campus with participation of 300 students.

homs students

The Chemical Engineering Faculty and the Commercial Institute teams played a football match at the university playground.

In Hama province, the Union’s branch held a massive popular festivity with participation of Universities and institutes’ students at the closed sport hall in the governorate.


The festivity affirmed the glorious and honorable role of the National Union of Syrian Students Organization in providing all that would
contribute to the continuity of educational process in the country.

Hasaka Union’s branch organized a festivity at Stadium of Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts. The festivity included art, popular, folk
shows, music concert and an art exhibition which encompassed paintings, sewing clothing, embroidery and handworks.

A documentary film, titled The Students, History and Future was screened during the festivity. The film reviews the process of the National Union of Syrian Students.


A 2,5 km race was also held during the event.

25 excellent universities and institutes’ students in addition to sport teams and players who won the first places at the championships held by the Union branch in the province during the current academic year were honored during the event.

In lattakia province, the Union’s branch held a festivity in cooperation with the Fine and Applied Art and Musical Education institutes.

The festivity included the inauguration of a memorial and an exhibition of the Fine and Applied Art students’ handicrafts.

A number of martyrs’ families and Unions’ figures were honored in the festivity.

H. Zain/ Barry

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