Baath Party on the Palestinian Land Day: Resistance is the only way to bridle Israel

Damascus, SANA – The National Leadership of Baath Arab Socialist Party affirmed on Sunday that Syria, undaunted by the internationally-devised terrorist war waged against it, will continue to support the Palestinian people no matter what.

The Leadership’s affirmation came in a statement issued on the occasion of 39th anniversary of Land Day, an event annually marked on March 30 by Palestinians to commemorate the events of that date in 1976 where a general strike and marches broke out in response to the Israeli occupation government’s announcement of a plan to expropriate thousands of land for security and settlement purposes.

Syria’s support for the Palestinian people, the statement said, will continue until they succeed in their struggle to liberate their land, reiterating Syria’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation and their right to return.

The statement denounced the failure of some Arab regimes to do their duty towards the Palestinian people, whereas, it said, they relentlessly support the armed terrorist organizations pushed to destroy Syria.

The resistance, which Syria forms its pillar, is the only way to bridle Israel and force it to stop its acts of violence and terrorism and hostile plot in the region.

Manar al-Frieh/Haifa Said

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