Syria slams France and Britain for implicating the EU in the aggression on Syria

Damascus, SANA – Foreign and Expatriates Ministry slammed France and Britain for sticking to policies that would implicate the European Union (EU) in continuing the aggression on Syria.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the Ministry condemned the EU’s compliance with the stance of London and Paris, which prompted the former to announce yesterday its intention to continue imposing new sanctions against the Syrian people.

“This short-sighted approach of the EU, having acceded to the position of these two states, renders it responsible for prolonging the crisis in Syria and the spread of terrorism,” the statement said.

It condemned targeting the Syrian people in their livelihood through the unilateral sanctions imposed by the EU, saying those sanctions “blatantly contradict the UN Charter and the international humanitarian law.”

“The EU is the last one with the right to lecture about principles and values, with some of its state members having made the EU policy contingent on attracting the Gulf investments, particularly those of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whose governance system is at variance with the fundamentals of human rights,” the Ministry said in its statement.

It called upon the EU states that have occasionally showed their resentment of this EU approach to put an end to the policies of some of their fellow members, particularly France and Britain, “which are leading the whole EU into getting involved in attitudes that are not in its interest nor do they serve its stability.”

The EU is rather being exploited through those attitudes which come in implementation of the special agenda of those states manifesting their “odious colonialist history,” the statement said.

Rasha Milhem/Haifa Said

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