Communications back in Bosra city in Daraa, electric power restored to Quneitra

Daraa/Quneitra, SANA – Local and international communications and fax services were back in Busra al-Sham city in the southern Daraa province on Monday after a cutoff that lasted for a year and a half.

Terrorist organizations have been repeatedly attacking optical cables linking communication centers within the province and cutting off the optical cable linking Daraa and Damascus provinces, in an attempt aimed at isolating Daraa.

Engineer Ahmad Hariri, Director of Daraa branch of the Syrian Telecommunications Company, told SANA that maintenance and repair teams restored communications back to Busra al-Sham-also known as Bosra-on Monday evening after repairing the optical cable linking Daraa and Damascus.

Optical linking between Bosra city and al-Qrayya town in the neighboring Sweida province was also carried out, Hariri added, expecting that internet services will also be restored to the city within the coming few days after technical link process with Sweida province is completed.

The telephone center in Bosra city had all along been operating as a fully-equipped local telecommunication center after continuous terrorist attacks on optical cables in more than one site between Daraa and Bosra cities and Sweida province caused services to stop, according to Hariri.

The terrorist organizations’ attacks against maintenance teams had also been hindering the attempts to fix the damages which caused the communications outage, he added.

In the same context, a source at the Electricity Ministry said power was restored to Quneitra province after a three-month outage caused by terrorist attacks on the high-voltage line supplying the province.

Qabas/ Manar al-Frieh/H. Said

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