Information minister says placing bets on toppling Syrian government “sheer flight of fancy”

Damascus, SANA-Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi mocked the bets being placed on toppling the Syrian government as “a sheer flight of fancy”as conceded by Syria’s friends and enemies alike.
The Information minister, who was speaking during a meeting with a delegation from the Syrian community in Kuwait, highlighted the Syrian media’s quest to convey the truth about the situation in the country, a goal for which he said it made precious sacrifices.

The minister said the Syrians abroad can have a role in enhancing national reconciliations.

“The different interpretations of the crisis in Syria only serve to enrich ideas. But the real problem lies in the discrepancy of loyalties in which sometimes money and sectarianism take precedence over national belonging,” he added.

The delegation members, for their part, said they are ready to offer whatever it takes to bolster national reconciliations in Syria.

Also on Sunday, the Information Minister met Secretary Minister for Foreign Affairs at the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Haitham Abu Said, and the accompanying delegation.


The two sides discussed the role of international and civil organizations in achieving security and stability in the region, with Minister al-Zoubi briefing the delegation on the terrorism targeting Syria and warning against the risk of terrorism spreading to the European countries which displayed no serious efforts to combat it.

Abu Said noted that the positions of European countries regarding what is happening in Syria shifted due to concerns related to western security, stressing that the crisis in Syria must be resolved via Syrian standards and that the truth about the massacres committed against Syrians by terrorists must be revealed to the world.

Manal Ismael / Hazem Sabbagh

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