Pakistani airplane, loaded with humanitarian assistance, arrives in Damascus International Airport

Damascus, SANA- A Pakistani airplane loaded with humanitarian, relief and nutritional assistance arrived in Damascus International Airport on Wednesday.

“The ordeal Syria is passing through exceeds borders and it is featured by a humanitarian dimension, so all parties should offer help and support in this regard,” Ambassador of Pakistan to Syria Shahid Akhtar told SANA in a statement.

The Ambassador affirmed that Pakistan has always been with Syria and it stands by it today and will support it in future, saying “The assistance is a gift offered by the Pakistani people and government to their brothers in Syria during the difficult circumstances.”

He added that the aid, estimated at more than 40 tons, consists of family tents and blankets, stressing that in cooperation with the Syrian government, more medical and nutritional assistance is expected to arrive onboard another airplane next Friday.

Mazen Eyon


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