Arnous: Quake relief and rescuing operations are Government’s top priority

Aleppo, Lattakia, SANA- Prime Minister Hussein Arnous underscored that following the devastating earthquake, there is a massive destruction in Lattakia and Aleppo provinces, still searching for the survivors in the rubble is the top priority.

Arnous stated, while inspecting the ongoing work in the affected areas in Aleppo, the earthquake caused substantial damage in Lattakia and we may identify distressed areas, hoping the situation in Aleppo would be better and if it were the case, this would be revealed to the whole world.

‘In light of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, what followed in wrought even greater devastation and suffering” Arnous said.

Arnous hailed the considerable efforts exerted to search for survivors and victims of the earthquake despite the lack of capabilities as a result of the unjust war, noting that all authorities concerned on the ground are urged to take safety precautions and directed to identify the situation of the unstable buildings and those intact to receive the return of residents.

Later ,Prime Minister Hussein Arnous has inspected the ongoing work to remove the rubble and search for survivors and victims of the earthquake in the demolished buildings in al-Raml al-Shamali neighborhood in Lattakia city.

Head of the city council briefed Arnous on the procedures that were followed at the site of the incident and the efforts of the rescue teams, in which various bodies are participating, including the civil defense, fire brigade, and the Red Crescent, as well as the locals in the area.

Arnous met a number of residents in the neighborhood, stressing that all efforts were made to remove the rubble and to provide all necessary relief and humanitarian services to mitigate the impacts of the earthquake.

The Prime Minister was also inspected the conditions of the affected families hosted in the Soufan Mosque in Lattakia, and listened to their needs and the relief services provided to them.

Kinda ALMahmoud/MHD Ibrahim

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