Iran: Report on alleged chemical attack on Douma city in Syria ‘politicized’

New York, SANA- Permanent Representative of Iran to the United NationsAmir Saeid Iravani, stressed that the report of the report of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Investigation and Identification Team(IIT) regarding Douma city in Syria that was issued before is “politicized and similar to the previous reports as it “based on unauthorized sources, lacks the necessary legal conclusion, and has been prepared irrespective of the Syrian government’s observations.”

During a UN Security Council’s meeting Iravani said the Western states were staging a “premeditated scenario” against Syria based on illegal missions of the IIT affiliated to the OPCW.

Iran has repeatedly declared that the technical problems should be solved through cooperation and joint efforts instead of political pressures which is considered a failure strategy and threatens the process of solving the entire remaining issues, the Iranian envoy went on to say.

He expressed full regret that the reliable information offered by the Syrian government on the terrorist groups’ use of chemical weapons was ignored by the OPCW, at the time when some western countries are encouraging the Israeli entity’s secret weapons of mass destruction program despite of it is not a member in the convention.

He expressed his country’s support to Syria and the OPCW to initiate constructive talks at a highest level, as well as their cooperation to resolve the remaining issues within a specific time frame and to close the file completely and to achieve this goal the investigation should be impartial, objective, reliable and full harmonized with the requirements and measures of the convention.

“The Islamic Republic is deeply concerned about exploitation and politicization of the OPCW,” Iravani noted, saying manipulation of the organization in such a way worked to dent its credibility.

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