Minister : Fund to support those who survived massacres of terrorists to be established

Lattakia, SANA Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat said that dealing with the issue of the kidnapped people and those who survived massacres of the terrorists in the northern countryside of Lattakia “was not promoted to the level of their sufferings.”

The Ministry will seek to establish a fund for supporting those who are freed from kidnapping and the survivors of the massacres committed by the armed terrorist organizations, Al-Shammat told
SANA reporter, following a meeting with a number of families and children who survived massacres of the armed terrorist organizations.


She referred to some negligence about the file of the psychological support, particularly towards the children who have witnessed the practices of the terrorist organizations, despite sending more than a team to follow-up these cases.

Al-Shammat stressed that the ministry will communicate with the civil associations which care about orphans and supporting children as well as setting up programs for taking care of the old persons.


Armed terrorist organizations infiltrated last August into a number of villages in the northern countryside of Lattakia and committed massacres against the civilians and kidnapped others. Units of the army and armed forces released some of the kidnapped people.

H. Zain/ Mazen

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