Competent authorities uncover explosive devices at the home of Daesh terrorist leader in Daraa city

Daraa, SANA- The Competent authorities continued combing Tariq Al-Sad (Dam Road) neighborhood in the southern part of Daraa city after clearing it from Daesh terrorist organization, and found large amounts of IEDs.

A source from the competent authorities told SANA on Friday that During the combing and search operations in Tariq Al-Sad neighborhood of the city of Deraa, large amounts of explosive devices of various types and sizes were found at the home of Daesh terrorist leader Muayad Harfush, nicknamed Abu Tajah.

Some of the explosives are intended for bombing motorcycles while others are in the form of oxygen cylinders, as well as interconnected mines seized and have high destructive power, the source said.

He added that “the army engineering units continue their combing tasks to dismantle all kinds of mines left behind by the terrorists in the neighborhood .”

On November, 15, a security source announced that full control was established over Tariq Al-Sad neighborhood after cleraing the area from Daesh terrorists.

Shaza Qreima

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