Four Tunisian National Guards killed in a terrorist attack

Tunisia, SANA- Four Tunisian National Guards were killed on Tuesday in a terrorist attack in a region known as the base for the country’s most dangerous terrorist group.
“On February 18, following a terrorist attack in Boulaaba in the governorate of Kasserine, four heroes of the National Guard were martyred,” the interior ministry said in statement.
Boulaaba is part of a mountain range on the Algerian border which is home to Tunisia’s main jihadist group, the Al-Qaeda linked Phalange Okba Ibn Nafaa.
Al-Qaeda in Morrocow announced, for the first time, last June that the armed men in al-Shaabi mountain are affiliated to it, while authorities balmed them for planning to establish the first “Islamic Emirate” in north Africa and killed and injured tens of soldiers and security personnel in ambushes and landmines.
Tunisia’s armed forces have carried out ground and air campaigns against the group since 2012 without success.
Barry Temmo

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