Feb. 16, Former Secretary-General of  Hezbollah, Sayyed Abbas Musawi passes away

1785- Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier discovers that water was a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen.

1815- Napoleon Bonaparte exiled to Elba Island.

1863- Swiss businessman, Henry Dunant,  established the International Committee of the Red Cross .

1923- Archaeologist Howard Carter  discovers tutankhamens tomb in Luxor, Egypt.

1984-   Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was proclaimed.

1949- Strasbourg city selected as headquarters of the Council of Europe .

1979- A 6.9  magnitude earthquake hit near coast of Peru killed 14  people.

1986- Mario Soares  was elected President of Portugal.

Born today :

1822- English mathematician Francis Galton.

1838-American historian Henry Adams.

Passed away:

1984- One of the Lebanese National Resistance leaders  martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb  .

1992- Former Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah, martyr Sayyed Abbas Musawi .


Independence day in Lithuania.


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