Update2- Egyptian, Libyan forces strike ISIS positions in Libya

Cairo, Tripoli, SANA – Egyptian and Libyan armed forces conducted separately Monday morning air strikes against positions and training camps of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS ) terrorist organization in Libya.

ISIS terrorist organization on Sunday released a graphic video showing ISIS terrorists beheading 21 Egyptian persons who had been kidnapped in Libya.

The Egyptian strikes, conducted by war planes, targeted ISIS weapons cache and ammunition, in retaliation of criminal acts of terrorist organizations inside and outside the country, Egyptian armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Mohamad Samir said in a statement.

For his part, Colonel Ahmad Mesmari, spokesman of the Libyan Army Staff Headquarters said in a statement that Libyan army is striking ISIS positions in the city of Serte and surroundings, indicating that air strikes would not stop till ISIS heavy losses are achieved.

Col. Mesmari condemned ISIS beheading 21 Egyptians Sunday calling it a part of the terrorist organization’s crimes in Libya and other Arab countries.

Following the release of the video, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called for an urgent security talks. Egypt has announced seven days of mourning.

The Coptic Church confirmed that 21 Egyptians believed to have been held by ISIS are dead.

Barry Temmo

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