Chinese Foreign Ministry honors a Syrian student on his academic and social excellence

Beijing, SANA-Chinese Foreign Ministry honored the Syrian doctoral student, Zine El Abidine Walid Ali, by publishing an article on its official website today on his academic and social excellence in several fields.

The article referred to the distinction of the student Zine El Abidine for more than 12 years in the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral stages, in addition to the awards and patents he has gained in various fields.

The article also pointed out the distinguished volunteer activities that he carried out with his family during the spread of the coronavirus, and it highlighted his impact on a large segment of Chinese society and foreign students in China through his personal accounts on Chinese social media platforms, which got more than 90 million views in China.

The article indicated that the student Zine El Abidine give a true image of the effective and distinguished Syrian youths who love the homeland.

Shaza Qreima

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