80 % of industrials at Yabroud Industrial area return to work

Damascus countryside, SANA- Most of industrial facilities at Yabrud Industrial area resumed production after many years of hiatus due to the terrorist war waged on Syria and defied all difficulties and impacts of coercive measures and the economic sanctions.

Yabrud area comes third industrial complex after Damascus and Aleppo, including 283 infrastructure facilities ,225 workshop and craftsmanship specialized in chemical, engineering, cartoon and Iron industries.

The head of Qalamoun office of the Damascus and its countryside Chamber Tewfik Saufan said that 80% of the industrialists whose facilities were damaged, or stolen returned to work at Yabrous industrial area.

He added that the work is under way to complete building the new lots at the industrial area to absorb large number of the facilities at a total area of 1500 dunums.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Shaza Qriema


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