Russian Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass- Latest Updates

  • Mizintsev: 56 foreign ships are still seized in Ukrainian ports
  • Kabulov: Afghan special forces join extremists in Ukraine
  • Slutsky: the inviolability of Russia’s borders is a principle that no one should test
  •  Shoigu: What the West is saying about our use of chemical or tactical nuclear warhead missiles in Ukraine is untrue.
  • Shoigu: The operations of the Ukrainian army are planned by the United States and Britain
  • Shoigu: Global security is deteriorating as a result of the West’s aggressive practices… and the provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine holds the West responsible for killing civilians.
  • Shoigu: NATO became more aggressive and tried to expand eastward before the Russian special military operation in Ukraine
  • Putin: The West must realize that the era of unipolarity is over
  • Putin: The situation in the world is changing dynamically, and many countries are now choosing the path of sovereign development and rejecting Western hegemony
  • Putin: Washington is interfering in the internal affairs of countries and trying to maintain its hegemony in the world
  • Donetsk: 7 civilians killed in the Ukrainian shelling of the territory of the Republic
  • Russian Embassy in Washington: Those who bombed Hiroshima should not accuse others of nuclear non-responsibility
  • Russian Foreign Ministry: passage of the IAEA mission through Kyiv is a risk

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